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Eating For Free

Jan 5, 2023

James Cameron's Avatar series promises to haunt us for another decade, after disappearing into the jungles of Pandora since 2009. In our first series of the year, we look at the making of James Cameron's $2 billion sex dream phantasmagoria nightmare horror fest featuring suburban heterosexual Americans cosplaying as blue people!



  • 'Avatar 2' Needs $2 Billion to Turn a Profit. James Cameron Says [Variety]
  • ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ Rules Over New Year’s, Global Gross Hits $1.38 Billion [Variety]
  • ‘Minds Will Be Blown’: James Cameron Tells Robert Rodriguez Why ‘Avatar 2’ Is ‘Dangerous’ and the Key Advice Guillermo Del Toro Gave Him [Variety]
  • James Cameron opens up about his long-awaited (and awaited) Avatar sequel [EW]
  • Avatar 2 took forever because James Cameron had to make sure Avatar 4 was ready to shoot [Polygon]
  • Avatar 3 Will Feature A Villainous Na'vi Fire Nation Called The 'Ash People' [20 Minutes]
  • James Cameron Reveals the Low Point of the 13-Year Journey to Finish ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ [Collider]
  • Sam Worthington, Stephen Lang, & Jon Landau Talk 'Avatar: The Way of Water,' IMAX, 3D, and Future Sequels [Collider]
  • Edie Falco Shot ‘Avatar 2’ So Long Ago That She Thought It Had Already Been Released and “Didn’t Do Very Well” [THR]
  • Sigourney Weaver, 73, talks teen character in 'Avatar 2': Older actors are 'extraordinary' [USA Today]
  • James Cameron’s old comments prompt Native American boycott of new ‘Avatar’ sequel [LA Times]


Hosted by journalists Joan Summers and Matthew Lawson, Eating For Free is a weekly podcast that explores gossip and power in the pop culture landscape: Where it comes from, who wields it, and who suffers at the hands of it. Find out the stories behind the stories, as together they look beyond the headlines of troublesome YouTubers or scandal-ridden A-Listers, and delve deep into the inner workings of Hollywood's favorite pastime. The truth, they've found, is definitely stranger than any gossip.

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