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Eating For Free

Nov 30, 2023

We're back! From talking about The Jonas Brothers that is... In this week's hot topics special we talk about Jamie Lynn Spears' flop era, the end of #Scandoval, and the dystopian irony of the Squid Games reality show. 


Hosted by journalists Joan Summers and Matthew Lawson, Eating For Free is a weekly podcast...

Nov 23, 2023

It's the grand finale 🚨 As his band implodes, Nick Jonas begins a full frontal assault on gay people, and finds himself an unwitting conspirator in the culture war. Elsewhere, Danielle Jonas ascends to sainthood as Sophie Turner hurtles towards freedom!


Hosted by journalists Joan Summers and Matthew Lawson,...

Nov 16, 2023

On the eve of their fifth album, a stupid fight finally breaks The Jonas Brothers apart. Churned through Disney's Fame Machine and eager to shed their virginal reputations, what awaits them on the other side? Sex, drugs, and a whole lot of gay rumors!


Hosted by journalists Joan Summers and Matthew Lawson,...

Nov 9, 2023

The Jonas Brothers are officially in free fall! As Disney cancels their contracts, sales plummet, and Joe grows chest hair, a perplexing new reality show cause fans and the press to ask: What were these former teen heartthrobs ever famous for, exactly?


  1. Actress Demi Lovato to spend Thanksgiving in rehab:...

Nov 2, 2023

With their show cancelled, tour in chaos, ticket sales drying up, and no new album in sight — walls are closing in on the Jonas Brothers in 2010! How did things fall apart so badly for them and the music biz only five years into their career?

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