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Eating For Free

Dec 1, 2022

In our new two part series, we seek to unpack the controversy around Balenciaga, and the malicious fascist forces whipping up a 24/7 moral panic news cycle concerning the brand's latest campaign photos. Who stands to benefit from the outrage, and who might lose everything? 

We also would like to preface that this...

Nov 17, 2022

Content warning for this episode: we talk about domestic violence, abuse, and harm to children. We will give verbal warnings in the episode before those segments. 

Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski have been in the headlines recently for their brief romantic outings, however the narrative Page Six and other tabloids...

Nov 10, 2022

Which celebrities ate Rick Caruso’s assh*le during an extremely spooky L.A. mayoral race? We dive deep into Hollywood's election meddling in the city of angels... and everywhere else! Most notably: Pennsylvania's hotly debated Senate race between global eating disorder merchant Dr. Oz and local "guys being dudes" hero...

Nov 3, 2022

Mr. Beast is a person who quickly transformed the Youtube industry with extreme acts of philanthropy and millions of dollars wasted on frivolous acts of torture on random people. Specifically those most desperate for money! But is he the generous Willy Wonka figure he's made himself out to be, or is there more to...

Oct 27, 2022