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Eating For Free

Feb 23, 2023

From 'The Real Housewives' to A-listers, controversial diabetes drug Ozempic is the talk of TikTok and Tinseltown med-spas. This week, we trace its origins, unpack its ubiquity, and link it to past weight loss drug disasters like fen-phen in the '90s. 


Hosted by journalists Joan Summers and Matthew Lawson,...

Feb 16, 2023

For over 40 years, the specter of the “Satanic Panic” has loomed large over the American cultural psyche, with many claims made about what happened, who were the players involved, and what its lasting impacts on pop culture and politics really were. This episode, we take a peak into the panic, and unpack how...

Feb 9, 2023

As Kim Petras and Sam Smith don 'devilish' attire for their Grammy performance of 'Unholy', right-wring pundits claim Satanic panic, echoing outrage seen in American politics since the 1830s. Our new series charts 200 years in American moral panics about music, race, sexuality, and the conservative religious zealot's...