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Eating For Free

Aug 4, 2022



  • Beyoncé Removes Kelis 'Milkshake' Sample from 'Energy' Following 'Theft' Allegations [People]
  • Will Smith Must Still 'Rebuild Trust' with Public After Chris Rock Apology: Crisis PR Expert [People]
  • Shawn Mendes Soaks up the Sunshine on Shirtless Beach Stroll After Postponing His World Tour [People]
  • Jennette McCurdy details the dark side of getting cast in iCarly in I'm Glad My Mom Died excerpt [EW]
  • Socialite Stacy Engman in NFT ‘stalker attack’ at Hamptons benefit [Page Six]
  • Instagram bio: [Instagram]
  • Her NFTs: [OpenSea]
  • Her own work: [Artsy]
  • 2016: Tiara-wearing lunatic bites passenger on JFK-bound flight [New York Post]
  • Manhattan curator Stacy Engman, dubbed ‘Lady Gaga of the art world,’ beats biting charge after in-flight altercation [NY Daily News]
  • Jane Fonda on Her New H&M Campaign, the Legacy of Her Iconic VHS Workout, and Feeling Youthful in Her 80s [Vogue]
  • Jessalynn Siwa Breaks Down Daughter JoJo Siwa’s History With Candace Cameron Bure Amid Drama: ‘It’s About How You Treat People’ [Us Weekly]
  • Celebrities use private jets excessively. It’s a climate nightmare. [Washington Post]
  • Taylor Swift: claims about private jet use ‘blatantly incorrect’, says spokesperson [The Guardian]
  • I don't know about you, but I'm feeling CO2! Taylor Swift is seen shielding herself with a black umbrella as she gets off her private jet in Burbank - just days before she topped list of stars responsible for worst emissions [Daily Mail]


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