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Eating For Free

May 23, 2024

In 2009, RuPaul told the Advocate a week after Obama's inauguration, days before Drag Race season one premiered on Logo: "If you're watching this, it means a Democrat is in the White House." Where are we, and where is drag, 15 years later?


Hosted by journalists Joan Summers and Matthew Lawson, Eating For Free is a weekly podcast that explores gossip and power in the pop culture landscape: Where it comes from, who wields it, and who suffers at the hands of it. Find out the stories behind the stories, as together they look beyond the headlines of troublesome YouTubers or scandal-ridden A-Listers, and delve deep into the inner workings of Hollywood's favorite pastime. The truth, they've found, is definitely stranger than any gossip.

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  • Joan Summers’ Twitter: @laracroftbarbie
  • Matthew Lawson’s Instagram: @_matthewlawson

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