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Eating For Free

May 28, 2019

Hosts this week recover from last week’s beauty-guru drama to talk about the different ways corporations are ruining our lives (again!) We talk de-platforming Alyssa Milano, Burger King’s ‘mental-health inspired’ un-happy meals, Amazon’s hyper-exploitative employee-only video games, updates and new music from ‘The Curvy Wife Guy’, Uber’s secret plan to takeover public transit, Kanye’s (re)uprising of MAGA support, an update on James Charles, and much more! Tune in later this week for the debut of our deep-dive on instagram diets and the ridiculous vitamins they shill for profit, it’s gonna be a ride girls!

Eating For Free is a bi-weekly gossip podcast reporting from the edge of the internet! We're a new wave of celebrity reporters at a time when pop culture is increasingly chaotic and media lacks the ability or moral direction to make sense of this capitalist nightmare!

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