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Eating For Free

Mar 27, 2018

From Aubrey O' Day spoken word poetry about the third ugliest member of the Trump family to Malia Obama's one degree of separation from the Harvey Weinstein bankruptcy, there's definitely too much to discuss this week. The gays dragged Selena Gomez for being socially tone deaf, and yet again exposed Taylor swift for leveraging in activism to "Eat For Free". We also gagged over Tiffany Haddish revealing far too much about Beyonce (yet again). As expected Chrissy Teigen involved herself in something that nothing to do with her, and Matt had to keep Joan from hurting someone's feelings. For our main discussion, Matt reads a listener letter about the hyper-critical attention given to "woke media." And Joan shares some film-school stories. Needless to say, it's messy, messy, messy!