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Eating For Free

Mar 13, 2018

!!!!!!!*** If you're finding audio issues (due to a previous iteration of this episode), re-download and it should be fixed! Also, we're renovating the studio so you might hear some bumps and echos and clinking- ignore that! Everything should return better than ever next week :) ***!!!!!!!

If only it was as simple as Katy Perry murdering a nun! But alas, life never works out the way you want it. Instead, Joan and Matt investigate the allegations swirling around Stranger Things’ Duffer Brothers, Lena Dunham’s continued existence as professional foot wort, and Joan’s refusal to pay money to see Beyoncé’s husband shuffle around a stage. We also have some thought’s on Obama’s career pivot to a Netflix and Black Panther continuing its streak as the greatest movie ever made. For the main discussion, Matt reads a listener letter and Joan break’s down the oral histories of trans women in the drag community in the wake of RuPaul’s cringe-inducing, out of touch opinions on the topic.